This is a synthetic sea salt for professional use, used specifically to produce top-quality sea water with which to fill the tanks in which live crustaceans will be housed.

Quantity and packaging

The salt is packaged, in the quantity of 20 kg, inside closed plastic bags contained in rectangular cartons, which are also closed.

Method of use

Dissolve the salt in tap water in the recommended proportions (1 kg of salt per 30 litres of water). Take care not to introduce new salt to raise the salinity when there are animals in the system, but to add the ready-made salt water directly, a little at a time. In the case of empty systems, it is instead possible to directly introduce salt in the prescribed quantity, moving the water well to promote dissolution.

To compensate for the effect of evaporation, do not top up with salt water but only with fresh water, as salts do not evaporate.

Always follow the manufacturer's instructions when producing synthetic seawater, as incorrect dosage (either over or under) will result in product mortality.

- Excess salt causes dehydration of crustaceans resulting in mortality;

- Deficiency in salt causes excessive water absorption by the crustaceans (e.g. swelling of the abdomen in king crabs and white ring of 'pulp' everted from the shell to the tail attachment in lobsters).

Storage conditions

Keep inside unopened package in a dry place. Close the bag after use to avoid weight gain due to moisture absorption.


REV. n° 1 dated 08/01/2024.